Craig Jones

Owner/Head Paranormal Investigator/PR Manager

Diploma in Demonology

Hi my name is Craig, I am the lead investigator for the Cambridge Ghost Hunters, I was in the original team in 2013 for about a year. wanting to get back into investigating I have the pleasure of re-opening the team in 2015. I got taught everything by an amazing investigator called Karl Aro who was the founder of the Cambridge Ghost Hunters. I have opened the new team with lots of new investigators who all have different beliefs and backgrounds.

I have had lots of different experiences and have done paranormal investigations all over UK. I have investigated at known haunted locations like Brinkburn Priory, Harwich Redougt Fort, Morecome Winter Gardens, Alton Towers Castle, Bodmin Jail, Tutbury Castle, Skirrid Inn and even the ancient Ram Inn which is known as the most haunted place in Britain and many more.

I am pleased that I have such a great friendly professional team and looking forward to investigating many more in the future. I am happy that we have now set up public events and am looking forward to meeting everyone that is going to attend.