The team uses all different types of equipment to catch any paranormal activity. The team also has a full night vision CCTV set up and are currently buying more equipment please come back for updates.

EMF Clown/Trigger object

What do you do when you have a broken K2 meter, you put the insides of it into an Clown doll and turn it into an EMF clown and use it as a trigger object on investigations.
Sony handycam camcorders

These are full night vision to record the investigation; they also have extra -long life batteries.

Cameras are always good to have on investigations, take plenty of pictures, you can catch a lot of orbs, shadows and full forms of spirits if you're lucky.

This is a must have every investigator has to have a torch as you will be going into very darks places so will need then to see where you're going for safety reasons.
3932f6_2a3017f95dbc4afb9809346ab1d501d9Infrared lamps

These attach to the camcorders to give them extra night vision.
K2 meters

K2 meter is an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector. When the K2 meter is exposed to a magnetic field, an electrical current is induced within the device's circuitry. The relative strength of the field (and the induced current) is expressed visually on 5-LED light-up scale. WE can use this to ask questions and see if we get a response (the light) when lit up is called a spike.
3932f6_2b6bbb7ab91a495380a358712437aa37Gauss meter

This is also an emf detector similar to the k2 meter, this device is a little bit more sensitive. It uses a dial and makes a sound when you get a spike.
Spirit box (psb7)

Spirit Box is a great compact tool for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate.

3932f6_4842e1f3c8ef46be9eebad4dee11b9cbEvp recorder

The evp recorder is a device that you use to record while asking out questions to get a response, and listening back to the device you can sometimes hear voices that you could not hear with your own ears.
Motion sensor

Put the motion sensor in a room that you're not going into a activate it using the remote once outside the room, if anything moves in the room it will set an alarm off.
3932f6_7b07abced0214081a37b77d15eb0c9e2Barrier beam

The barrier beam has a laser that is not visible with our eyes from the transmitter to the receiver, put it in a doorway or across the length of a room and if the beam is broken then it would set off a really loud alarm.
Temperature gauge

This is a handy tool you can measure the temperature in a room and use it to find temperature change or cold spots.
3932f6_6de49b70c47a4b36835c8ed77f0ebe5eLaser grid pen

The laser grid pen has a green laser that has thousands of green dots, you can cover the length of a room or a wall, you can set it up next to a camera and if anything was to go in front of the laser you will see it easier as the dots will move.