Evidence 2016

This Evidence has been recorded at the various locations that we have visited, we don’t claim that this is 100% proof that the paranormal exists, however we have been unable to identify what caused the the anomaly, so leave it for you to decide 


The Ancient Ram Inn – If you listen carefully at the beginning of this EVP you will hear a breath/sigh, this was recorded at the same time as the black mass was seen below


Revesby Abbey - 12th November 2016.
During the night we heard foorsteps and we were able to capture photographs of mists during the night, as always one image would be taken after another the the mist had always gone in the second picture, although some of you might think it was the photographers breath in this case we ran various experiments and can confirm that this was not the case, in some cases the mists were to far away, after checking the evidence we can only say they are unexplained.


The Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, 3rd September 2016
First up is two pictures that were taken at the Ram Inn. the first shows a black mass on the left of the picture, the second taken a second later shows that it has gone, at the time this picture was taken an EVP was recorded and at the beginning you can here a big sigh, we can confirm this was not a member of the team, so what was it?
1 Di role play first appearance

2 Loressa communicating

3 Craig Passing the Teddy

4 Loressa Playing Ball
Kelvedon Hatch, Secret Nuclear Bunker, 6th August 2016

Stickman Evidence was captured in the operating room. Diane was play acting at being a nurse and as she was tending to her patient a figure appeared under the bed, at first we thought that the figure was a child. Then Loressa sat on the floor with the figure and rolled a ball to the figure and the ball was returned, she was also able to reach into the figure with her hand which dismisses it being a glitch in the software, Craig then passed the teddy bear to the figure but no interest was shown, we then realised that it was unlikely to be a child s it seemed to have folded legs in the crouch postion, Loressa was able to get the figure to respond to the rolling balls a couple of times, but when she tried to approach the bed to get closer the figure retreated and dispersed.

5 Figure retreating as Loressa Crosses Rope
30 East Drive, Pontefract, 25th June 2016
This evidence was collected from the parents bedroom using the stick figure software, the activity began when Emma went to do a lone vigil. The first sign of activity was her feeling her air being tugged and curled, shortly after this she got off the bed and there was another figure on the bed (picture 1). Craig and Matt then joined and Craig began to ask the figure to hold his hand (picture 2), although the figure was resistant at first it did begin to move towards Craig (picture 3) at the same time Matts Camera battery died, when it was fully charged when he entered the room, it also became hard to breath in the room, a few minutes later Matts camera recovered fully charged. Craig then asked to sit on the bed with the figure, he then sat on the bed and the figure went round him and shot up towards the ceiling (picture4).
Screenshot East Drive (2)
Screenshot East Drive (5)

Screenshot East Drive (7)

Screenshot East Drive (9)
village 2village 3The Village Church Farm, Skegness, 28th May 2016

What do you see?

village 1
Hack Green Nuclear Bunker, 16th April 2016

You could put this mist/blur on the pictures down to dirt on the screen of some kind of vibration from the user, but at the same time as these pictures were taken some video footage was also recorded of a figure moving backwards and forwards in front of the screen, Video to be uploaded at a later date
hack green 1

hack green 2