Evidence 2017

This Evidence has been recorded at the various locations that we have visited, we don’t claim that this is 100% proof that the paranormal exists, however we have been unable to identify what caused the the anomaly, so leave it for you to decide 


Sandford Mill, Chlemsford, 30th September 2017.

So this picture was taken by Sheryl at Sandford Mill, Chelmsford, we tried to recreate the picture may times using different equipment but this was the only time this shadow appeared, it was a clear tunnel with nothing in the runway, so there was nothing to explain the shadow at all, also there was no lighting in there at all, no power even, so we don't know where the green light came from, there was noone in front of the camera and other members of the team were behind the camera, there were no forward casting shadows and no one else in the building, the only member of the team that has any resemblance to the shape of this shadow was to far back to make any kind of shadow, also look closely at the surrounding mist, there was no mist in the building and this was the only picture that you can see the mist in, what can you see in the mist?
Saltmarshe Hall - 21st January 2017.

These pictures were taken in the stables where a dark feeling is always felt, the pictures were all taken one after the other in a matter of seconds, you can clearly see a dark mass moving across the screen. what is it?