Investigations – 2016

Here you will find the details of team investigations for 2016, this page is updated with the results of each investigation as it takes place.

If you think you may have a haunted house or property, then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free investigation. You will receive an investigation report on what we found on the night as well as a certificate if we believe that it’s haunted

Investigations 2016

Revesby Abbey - 12th November 2016

For an abandoned building, the temperature at just 4 degrees and just seven intrepid explorers from the CGH Team it was a surprisingly active night, the k2 meters went off repeatedly towards the end of the night and they registered right up to the red light which is very usual, there were noises and tapping, voices through the spirit box, and two lots of a shuffling noise in the room we were sitting in which we were unable to explain, it was also in this room that a door latch banged when Craig and Jack was in there standing next to the door.

Craig and Lisa both heard someone walking down the corridor when no one was there. Paul got some interesting pictures that we will publish when we get them. We will definitely be going back in the near future (and slightly warmer temperatures).

Another fairly active night at the Museum, we were joined by a documentary team and although it was quieter than normal it still kept us busy all night.
Stretham Museum - 29th October 2016

The K2 meters were going off intermittently and we had voice through the sprit box, we also had some successful sessions on the table tipping, this time a man but he didn’t seem to want to talk to us, we did however find out that he had an accident there and was unable to work anymore. While this conversation progressed on team member started to suffer with a pain in her right arm to the point that she had to leave the table, the group decided to take a break and then sit in different chairs, another team member then stated to suffer from the same excruciating pain in his right arm whilst sitting in the same chair as the female member, we are not sure what this indicates yet but will be returning to try again.

Ancient Ram Inn - 3rd September 2016

Whilst we were at the Ancient Ram Inn, we had a lot of voice picked including what sounded like a child singing. All of the Camcorders batteries died at the same time and a few minutes later a figure appeared on one of the thermal imaging cameras. We picked up a shadow in the mirror in the Bishops room that we could not account for, various team members suffered from different emotions, one team member felt overwhelmingly scared in the attic and then after going into one of the bedrooms she felt extremely angry, at this point she was taken outside by Craig to calm down. The K2 meters were also going off in various rooms.
a ram inn

We were joined by Adrian and his team. The first part of the night we split up into 2 teams. Both teams experienced similar experiences, headaches and earaches. Both teams described the ear aches as a sharp pain like you pushed a cotton bud too far into your ear. There was a lot of doors slamming, The Cambridge Ghost Hunters when to investigate the banging noises to see if it was the other team moving to another room. The other team was up having a break and they thought it may have been us. Later on when the teams joined up together the doors were still slamming when everyone was in the same room together.
There was a couple of voices come through on the spirit box but it was hard to make out what it was saying.

6th August 2016 - Public Investigation at Kelvedon Hatch, Secret Nuclear Bunker.

On the stick man there was a figure come up by a bed in the operations rooms it looked like someone was crouching by the bed. When a team member stepped towards the figure it shrunk and disappeared. Adrian picked up on a lot of people around the bunker when he was in the male dorms he felt a presents over his shoulder. At the time Ron the spirit photographer caught a picture of a white mist over Adrian's shoulders. Adrian also picked up on a woman in the operations room which was a cleaner who was pretending to be a nurse. She ran her finger down Adrian's back and he also felt something touch the left side of his face, Ron also took a picture which looks like a hand touching the side of Adrian's face. Ron also captured a picture of lots of lights which look like orbs moving around a door like its tracking through it. It was a great night and the Cambridge Ghost Hunters are definitely going to be going back at some point for another investigation. Thank you to Adrian and his team for joining us!
Stretham Museum - 23rd July 2016

Another good night at the Stretham Museum. Lots or Orbs seen on the CCTV and some good photo evidence to back this up. Also several successful Table tipping sessions carried out, one was held by some of the girls in the group and some video footage was taken, the girls were able to get answers in the form of table movements and were told that it was a woman that was searching for children that had been drowned in the river, at this point the table movements became very erratic and distressed like so it was decided to end the session.


While this was going on the rest of the group were in the blacksmiths room, they picked up an evil spirit who made it clear that he did not like Craig and that he wanted to kill him, it also made another member on the team violently sick, whilst communicating with them it was able to spell out what it was saying with the glass as well as it coming out of the spirit box at the same time, a very convincing piece of evidence.
east drive

30 East Drive - 25th June 2016

When we got to the house and starting looking around as some of the team members got to the bottom of the stairs a crystal come flying down the stairs. After a bit of investigating the team realised that there was a few crystals placed on the top of the bannister. We did not class this as paranormal as it could have fallen off with the movement of walking up the stairs.

There was a few hits on the k2 meters and the ten cube went off. One of our investigators Jade got scratch which turned out to look like a burn
While one of the investigators Emma was alone in the adults bedroom, laying on the bed she felt someone play with her hair. Like someone was putting curling it around their finger.

This is also where the stick man was set up. Emma jumped up from the bed and looked at the screen and see another figure on the bed. Emma called for someone else to come up and take a look. Craig and Matt joined. Craig was asking the figure to touch his hand and put his hand out. At first it was a bit hesitant but eventually moved its hand up towards Craig's. Craig then asked if he could sit on the bed with it, as Craig sat down the figure moved around Craig and shot up towards the ceiling.

There was a few orbs caught on picture and on the cctv. Thanks for everyone who joined us for our live feeds! By about half 10 the house went very quiet and felt very relaxed. Take a look at the pictures on the evidence page from the stick man!
28th May 2016 - Public Investigation at The Village Church Farm, Skegness

The Cambridge ghost hunters had a great investigation last night at the village church farm in Skegness! Thanks for our public guests that joined us and the staff from the village!
The Cambridge ghost hunters split up into 2 teams.
One team had a lot of voices come through on the spirit box, some voices were unclear, some voices were heard and a name Pete come through. In the war room one of the investigators picked up a medal, as soon as it was picked up, the REM cube went off, the investigator asked if they didn't mind me touching it go to the blue light if not make it go red, it lit up blue. A little while later a voice come through on the spirit box saying 'put it back' the investigator asked if they would like him to put the medal back then go to blue if not go to red, it went to blue again. So the medal was put back.

The Village Church Farm, Skegness

There was also a few pictures of orbs taken throughout the night. The other team has some voices come through on the spirit box, most of which was unclear, they also had the rem cube go off in the war room. The team has stick man set up where the team members and public say on a chair in front of it and asked if they could be joined. It looked like one of the team members were joined, this footage needs to be reviewed.
Throughout the night the team had CCTV set up all over the farm. There was a lot of orbs, one orb that kept spiralling and what appeared to be a black figure moving in one of the rooms. At the end of the night as the team went to pack away there was what sounded like cutlery Hitting against each other when there was nobody in the house. As the team went to investigate it, the team got to the bottom of the stairs and the door opposite opened on its own.
The Cambridge ghost hunter believe that the village church farm is haunted and we are looking forward to going back in the future.
Once again thank you for everyone that joined us on a great night!

The Cambridge Ghost Hunters had a great first public event yesterday. The group split into 2 teams, one team have a quiet night with not a lot of activity apart from a little bit of banging.
16th April 2016 - Public Investigation at Hack Green Nuclear Bunker.

The other team had a lot of activity. There was k2 meters going off, a few banging noises from the corridors, some voices come through on the spirit box with a male and a female voice but they were very quiet. There was some pictures take one after another one had nothing on the next had a white mist, at this time we have the film on a thermal imaging camera and it recorded an amazing video that appears to be a figure moving side by side in front of the TV in the theatre room when there was no one there, right before the camera shut off! One of the barrier beams went off about 5 times when no one was there. We done some glass work that went really well and spoke to a spirit that liked females.

The Cambridge Ghost Hunters would like to thank all of the public members for join us on our first investigation and hope you will join us again!
The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales - 5th March 2016

The Cambridge Ghost Hunters had a great day and night in wales this weekend, investigating the Skirrid inn.

Some of the Cambridge Ghost Hunters had a television interview by the BBC 3 for a new tv show. The Cambridge Ghost Hunters would love to also thank the Jeff and the rest of the workers at the inn for such great hospitality, amazing food, bacon rolls in the morning and allowing us to investigate such a great venue.

During our investigation we had a lot of different experiences between the team. On our CCTV we captured a lot of orbs in bedroom 1 and 2. The doors to the bathrooms in bedroom 1 and 2 opened by themselves causing a creaking noise. Down in the bar area there was a lot of unexplained noises which sounded like a metal hinge on the door being played with. Some noises were ruled out due to the sound of the dish washer but the metal sound was unexplainable.

There was a few voices come through the spirit box but it was hard to determine what was being said as it wasn't very clear, these will be listened back to on the EVP recorder as it may have come out clearer. There was quite a lot of shadows seen around the bar area.

While doing glass work in bedroom 2, the name Fanny came through. when asked the dates like when was she born and when did she pass, it said dates. But the dates given were incorrectly. The team went down to the local grave yard earlier in the day where Fanny and her family members were buried, so this helped with noticing the dates were wrong through doing the glass work this led to the team were unsure who it was that come through.

Towards the end of the night the Camera that was left in the bar area started going off. As one of the investigators went down to check why, he got the camera started working again as he turned he see a full body apparition of a man sitting in a chair and he turned to look again it was gone. This shocked the team member. This morning telling the workers of the Inn about our experiences. One of the workers said that once he was in the bar area alone once the bar was shut, and he heard a loud cough from the same area, when he looked up no one was there. So this was quite interesting that both an investigator and a worker of the inn both had experiences in the same area of the bar alone.

The Cambridge Ghost Hunters are definitely going to be going back to the Inn to investigate at a later date.

Private House Investigation - 20th February 2016

The Cambridge Ghost Hunters had an extremely active investigation last night at the private house. Activity started in the house as soon as the team started setting up the CCTV, K2 meters and REM cube started going off. The CCTV captured a lamp turning on by itself in the bedroom at the beginning of the night.

One of the investigators got pushed and scratch in the bedroom when asking out questions. While two of the investigators were locked in the loft doing spirit box, there was a voice that come through saying the investigators name followed by a sharp pain in his back like someone was pushing their feet into his back. There was a lot of battery drainage and one of the CCTV cameras kept getting turned when there was no one in the room. A lot of orbs was also picked up on the CCTV
The team did some glass work down in the living room where the glass was moved by a couple of spirits, including one evil one. The team wrote down letters and spread the out around the table and was asking the spirit questions. The evil spirit called the team some unpleasant names and was playing around with the team. It also spelt out chase Charlie, which is the little boy who is extremely scared of him. There was also 2 other spirits that come through which were passed family members of the family. The family asked personal questions to be sure its them, which they answered correctly. The family members both said be careful and gave the name Victor Doe Winter, when asked the name of the evil spirit. When asked what the evil spirit wants, it spelt out to kill. The family members where asked if they could push out the evil spirit, they spelt out will try.

Overall The Cambridge Ghost Hunters believe that the house is very haunted and hope that the activity now slows down.
Stretham Museum - 9th January 2016

The Cambridge ghost hunters had a very eventful investigation last night at Stretham museum. The team were joined by two public members last night, so thanks to Wendy and Tracy for joining us!
We had a lot of voices come through on our spirit box. we had the REM cube going off a few times. K2 meters going off to questions. The team tried to do some glass work but was not very successful. The team did table tipping which went very well the table was moving and being pushed K2 meters going off at the same time. There was a name called Peter come through a few times, and some children who were pushing the table.

There was once again a very evil man come through again the diesel engine room. Telling the team to get out and telling us to shut up. Some of the team tried to antagonize it one of the team members felt a pressure around his neck and as the team asked if they were effecting this member of the team, the spirit box come through saying 'his neck'. so he felt he needed to leave but on his way out of the room he passed out and it took a few minutes to get him round.


Well done for everyone there for their quick response in helping him and putting him into the recovery position until he come round. giving him your jackets to keep him warm. I am very proud of you all! And i know i have a truly great team! The team then felt that it was time to leave. We will be going back and having another investigation later on in the year.