Investigations – 2017

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Here you will find the details of team investigations for 2017, this page will be updated with the dates of the investigations as they are booked and with the results of each investigation as it takes place.

If you think you may have a haunted house or property, then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free investigation. You will receive an investigation report on what we found on the night as well as a certificate if we believe that it’s haunted


Investigations 2017

January - Public Investigation - Saltmarshe Hall, Howden - 21st January 2017

A very interesting and a fairly action packed night unfolded for the Cambridge Ghost Hunters at this Beautiful venue. As we arrived in convoy, we navigated our way down some very dark, narrow, winding roads, shrouded by sinister looking trees which happened to be a fantastic entrance for the night we had in store for us. After a good ten minutes of what seemed to be the beginning of our very own horror movie, the space opened up and we were greeted by the plentiful landscape and the great Saltmarshe hall itself, all lit up with purple wash flood lights which was a marvel to behold. Excitement was running high in amongst the convoy with a series of ‘ooooh`s and ‘aaaah`s bellowing through the radios from one car to another.

Here are some accounts and happenings from team members themselves…

Di – “The best bit for me was the candles flickering like crazy especially when you tell them to stop they did. Also the glass work I witnessed the glass pushing my torch off of the table. To me it felt like there was a child around. We asked for whoever was there to spell out their name every time it came back ‘x’ years ago. Those who were unable to read or write signed their name with an x.”

We tried to look for explanations on this occurrence. There was indeed a window right behind the candle stand, but surely enough, there was absolutely no draft coming through at all. That was tested by each one of the investigators and the public members and were all baffled by it. The fact that there was no draft and every person in the very room were all completely still accompanied by the lack of draft made the flickering candles an interesting occurrence.

We tried to look for explanations on this occurrence. There was indeed a window right behind the candle stand, but surely enough, there was absolutely no draft coming through at all. That was tested by each one of the investigators and the public members and were all baffled by it. The fact that there was no draft and every person in the very room were all completely still accompanied by the lack of draft made the flickering candles an interesting occurrence.

Jade – “When myself, Craig and Stacey went to the door and heard a spirit knocking back as well as running and closing doors, that was the best bit for me. I think because the spirit didn't just reply once, they replied a few times. Also, I heard a sentence which I thought was Loressa because she had her back to me, only to find out it wasn’t and no one else spoke when I heard it loud and clear.”

The door being spoken about here is the door to a wing that has been locked up and no one has ventured into for decades, apart from the Most Haunted team as a one off. It is locked tightly shut and no one can get in or out apart from this door. Given that we have the knowledge of no one being present in the room when we were receiving knocking back in response to our knocking and heavy footsteps right above us where the second floor of this locked wing is, We are sure to be able to call this a very weird and wonderful experience.

An eerie yet satisfying night we had in store for us indeed as we approached our destination which was nestled within a shield of other aged buildings, illuminated by the yellow haze of the street lamps, sitting on a gloomy, silent street. Upon entering the venue, we were in awe of the cells which remain the same as they were when the building once functioned as a prison. The swampy green paint flaking off the crumbling walls next to hundreds of carvings made by those imprisoned long ago. Making our way through the cells, we follow on up the staircase at the front of the building and into a theatre that is still in use to this day. The theatre was once a courtroom which was around in conjunction with the prison. Quite a few of us team members felt uneasy as we picked up on quite a menacing presence drifting around the room. With a few other rooms to add to our list of hotspots at The Old Nick Theatre which include the Officer’s quarter and rooms which could have been used to hold prisoners right before their trials, it was safe to say we had an eventful evening in store for us.
Here are some accounts and happenings from the team members themselves…
Lisa – “Cheryl and Emily heard whispering whilst we were undergoing a vigil in the Officer’s quarters. I also felt sick and developed a headache. A guest with us on the evening, Vicky, also felt strange. I felt I had to leave the room and as soon as I did, I felt fine again.”
Cheryl – “Something physically touched me, shortly after something touched Jack and then something oddly affected Vicky.”
Jack – “My hair was being played with as if someone was twirling it around their finger and then the chain around my neck was yanked backwards, not in a menacing way really, but enough to know it wasn’t just me moving and my chain settling. Just after this, the glass on the table, which had been idle for around ten minutes suddenly darted towards our guest, Vicky, and Vicky said she felt something try and get into her. I believe her because I for one experienced her lips moving as if to say something but she was trying to say something completely different. Her jaw dropped open and her mouth was moving all over the place. She couldn’t speak, she had to dart out of the room because she didn’t like what was happening to her which in fairness, even watching these events unfold before my very eyes was quite scary.”

These events unfolded before us in the Officers quarter towards the back of the building. Although there is no concrete evidence, to experience it first hand was an honour and extremely strange. We may have some evidence on an EVP recorder as we often roll them as much as we can, so time will tell as to whether we have caught those whispers or not.

Di – “We were locked in the cells, we laid a k2meter on the floor which only goes off when it picks up on electromagnetic spikes. Which is linked to spirit presence. We were asking questions like, were you an inmate, if you were, light up the lights on the device on the floor. If an answer to a question was not relevant it didn’t light up. We found out the man in the cells was married to Sarah Jane. There was a head stone for a Sarah Jane in the headquarters of the police station. We asked if she died, flash the lights for yes. The k2 meter lights were going mad. We then asked if she was shot, we got no response. Was she stabbed? no response. Did she die of natural causes? No response. Was she poisoned? The lights went mad.
We then asked did she find anyone else? The lights flashed again. We asked if he had found another lady? Nothing. We then asked maybe a man? k2 meter didn’t stop flashing for a long time. We then asked is there any of the men in here you like, it flashed. So we asked if he liked any of the male team members, calling out the male team members names individually. When we asked if he liked our camera man Alex, again the k2 did not stop. So obviously, we had to ask if he would like us to leave Alex in his cell, the k2 went mad. However, fortunately for Alex, the time had flown by and we had to leave.”
February - Public Investigation - The Old Nick Theatre, Gainsborough, 18th February 2017

Emma – “We were in one of the male’s cells, it was cold and very dark and we all felt suddenly very silly and giggly. At this point, the lights were going off on the k2, we started asking questions and received intelligent responses. we asked if it was a male or female, did they work here, that type of thing. We established it was a male who worked at the police station and that he was the cook, at this point for no reason we were all laughing. We asked the man if he worked here and he replied yes and we then went through various job roles, in the end we established he was a cook. He also seemed to take a fancy to one of the male team members. We asked him if he was married and ran though some names that we had been given, he settled on Mary Jane, which was the name on a gravestone in one of the back rooms. However, when questioned he said he preferred the men and continued to interact with Alex, our camera man. We were all still laughing and it did seem that the whole atmosphere was very light, we then asked if he had caused any deaths using the k2 to determine his answers, he said yes, we then ran through many ways that he could have killed someone and it ended with poisoning and that he had killed females, at this point the session came to an end and we all calmed down.”

These are interesting happenings and accounts of one vigil. It is a fact that the female inmates once upon a time were killed via poison. Given that the K2 meter was lighting up to respond intelligently to relevant questions, you wonder if it was just pot luck or a coincidence. However, given that there were a range of options given for the device to light up to, to pick the ones most relevant and backing up proof, it is quite a mystery. Unfortunately, CGH have not yet found any record that indicates that Sarah Jane was married to a cook there in the past.

Craig – “We decided to split into 2 groups. My group decided to try the rear dressing room near the theatre/court room. As we were all in the room, we were using a spirit box and k2 meters to see if we could collaborate any evidence. It was quiet and we didn't get much of a response, but it was very cold. At one point, it sounded like someone walked up the stairs beside the room we were in, so I got up and went out asking if anyone was there. I could not see anyone. I then decided to sit next to the door just in case I heard it again. We were asking out questions and I was asking if it could open the door or twist the handle of the door. There was no response. The room warmed up a bit and the team and public were in the room asking out questions. Then out of nowhere, there was a thud followed by scraping. Which sounded like it come from the theatre. Myself and Jack went out to investigate the sound. We couldn't see anything that had been moved or could have made the loud noise. We walked around the top of the building to see if it could have been the other team but they were down in the basement in the cells. We radioed and asked if they made a loud banging noise and they responded with no. Me and Jack looked around further and noticed a few children playing outside with a football which they were kicking against a wall. But even this sound was not loud enough and didn’t make the same sound as what we heard. The noise sounded like it resonated from the room next to us in the main building but we were unable to find an explanation for it.”

Interesting to experience once put in that situation, with sounds going on and being unable to pinpoint what it is or where its coming from. Sadly, we are unable to provide concrete evidence of this paranormal activity described here because the event unfolded out of view of our locked off cameras and therefore we were unable to prove exactly where everyone was for those who were not present there on the investigation.

All in all, The Old Nick Theatre was an incredible venue to investigate and we all feel privileged to have been able to be part of the investigation. The cells were exactly as we imagined they would be and look near enough perfectly the same as they would have done back when the building functioned as a court and jail. Each of the two groups experienced some heavy bouts of paranormal and weird happenings. We now have to look back and review the footage and data we recorded there and find out if something untoward pops up to complete our claims and personal experiences.

March and April - Due to team commitments there are no investigations in these two months, extra dates have been added to May and August to compensate
May - Public Investigation - Annison Funeral Parlour, Hull - 27th May 2017

The night began with a tour of the building which turned out to be a lot bigger than we expected, after the initial set up we started the investigation in the stables. It was very warm in the stables but at once we heard some knocking and noise like something was moving about, two team members were drawn to the corner stall where a presence of a child was felt various sounds were heard from the stall, then a mist was seen by another member of the team.
Later on in the night there was a lot of knocking coming from the second room we investigated coffin room and we heard several undistinguishable words come through the spirit box.
Emma laid in the coffin on her own for a short while and then saw a tall shadow cross the wall, from left to right, we then checked to make sure that the cars outside didn’t make the shadow or any other external sources but none could be found,
Craig then lay in the coffin and asked us to put the lid on, some words were again trying to form through the spirit box but and people heard a dragging noise from the room next door.

Towards the end of the evening we broke up into smaller groups, our group decided to go back to the end stall in the stables and we heard some tapping noises and footstep walking around the stables, this was then followed by some table tipping, where we had a very small response, like a vibration.
After that we did a silent vigil with very occasional calling our questions, we were all focusing on a chair in the middle of the stables when Craig and Emma saw a very clear shadow move towards the chair, again we checked for outside sources but found none.
Lots of shadows and light anomalies were seen through the night as well as the feeling of unease, also some responsive tapping and some distorted word coming through the spirit box.
Overall a good night.

Group 1 – The boys
During the investigation the K2 meter went off several times where the stick man was set up in another corridor where a little boy has been see quite frequently.
In another room they had a BB ball drop and hit the wall when no one in the room was moving (it was still daylight and was visible to everyone in the room) there was also a scraping sound across the floor in the same room. BB balls moving on their own was quite a common phenomenon throughout the building and the girl’s team also had this happened to them several times with no explanation.
Kester said he heard what sounded like a beating sound and it turned out to be the barrels on the top floor if you rock them, no one was with in the room with the barrels at the time so this remained unexplained as the barrels were very big and heavy and take quite a lot to move them.
Craig had a hot sensation on the side of his neck on the top floor.
As Craig, Casey and Matt was going up to the top floor towards the end of the night, Craig and Casey were singing just the two of us (Bill Withers) and after we say the line "just the two of us you and I", the spirit box clearly and loudly said "You" when at the time there was nothing coming through the spirit box, then it said 'it's on' as we were walking up the stairs it then said loudly 'Craig Jones' all 3 of us were shocked, as yet we have found no explanation for this as at the time the spirit box was quiet both before and after this event.

While team 1 was on the top floor we asked what it's name was it said something beginning with a “D” but none of us could work this out. Upstairs by the barrels we were asking out questions and Casey asked, who is your favourite person here it said 'Craig' in like a singing voice 'Craiiiiig' (this was all happening while the camera was recording so hopefully this picked it all up which will be shared).
Craig also felt like a hand grab around his leg which made him jump as he wasn't expecting it.
June - Private Investigation - The Old Derby Building The Old Derby Building (Combat Ready Airsoft), 10th June 2017

Both Kester and Casey both saw a ball of light, Casey said he see a face in it and when Kester shined a torch at him, it went, later on Kester was placing the clown down onto the floor and saw the same thing appear in front of him which then moved to the room next to him. Kester quickly come back and explained what he saw. As they both described it, we realised that they had seen the same thing. They both explained it as like a torch like but dull as if it had a few layers of tissue over it. We heard a door slam twice when the other team confirmed that they were standing still. And the radios went off in both teams when no one was touching them. The girls heard voices and thought it was the boys when the radio was sitting on top of one of the barrels at the time.

Group 2 – The Girls
In the snooker room Jade looked through an archway and she saw a full shadow figure move from right to left slow at first and the speed up also we heard the handheld radio go off while we were doing the spirit box when no one had said anything or touched it, we checked this with the boys team and they confirmed that their walkie talkie was on the wall at the time.
Whilst in the kitchen area we saw some of the balls move across the floor, this also happened briefly in the child’s bedroom, we checked for drafts from windows etc. but found none.
We also had a lot of action on the stickman where we had one member of the team stand in front of the sensor and ask questions, whilst this was happening there were several light anomaly’s and that kept moving up the wall and going over it, this happened over and over again, also the team member had her hair touched and at the very same time a light anomaly moved towards her hair and then disappeared, a figure tried to form near the team members feet but sadly its didn’t manage to complete the formation.
Two recordings were picked up on the night, these are still being analysed, also the girls K2 lights went but at the same time it made a noise, this in fact is impossible as there is no noise or speakers to allow a sound to come through, yet all members of the team clearly heard the noise come from the K2.
Loud banging was also experienced from upstairs and was recorded this was strange in itself as we were on the top floor at the time and the roof was inaccessible.
July - Private Investigation - Revesby Abbey - 22nd July 2017

We had a busy night at Revesby abbey this year, the activity was pretty much from the time we got there till the time we left. When we were there in November it was dark when we arrived so it was a treat this time to see the building in all its glory in daylight, and it didn’t disappoint, its stunning beauty with an edge of haunted mansion thrown in for good measure, with clear sign of nature trying to take it back. However a lot more renovation had been done this time so it was clear to see how much the building had changed and with more on the upper levels having their floors back it made it easier to distinguish the noises in the night ahead.
Before the investigation began we heard what sounded like footsteps above us and tapping noises and voices, sometimes an individual moan, other times it sounds like a group of people talking.
Onto the investigation, one group heard responsive tapping in the store area, we could tap on the wall and we got a reply, we also asked questions and we would receive an intelligent response of two taps for no, one tap for yes, however it seems the responder was having fun with us and we received very little that made sense and decided to move on.
Whilst one group was in the wine store they heard voices, it sounded like a group of people having a conversation, bearing in mind the building was deserted at the time and the second group were in the far side of the building and could not be heard from the groups location tis has remained unexplained.
All through the night, people in the group were being touched, each time the person was nowhere near anyone so this remained unexplained.
There were temperature changes all through the night but the most memorable was when two members of the team were using a temperature gauge and pointed it in the same area when a member of the team felt a cold area, this should have resulted in both the gauges reading the same temperature but there was a significant difference between the two gauges of several degrees, this should nit have been possible, however when tested again on the same area when it wormed up, both of the gauges read the same.

Footsteps were heard above in various rooms, however one team heard an excessive number of footsteps that seemed to have a rhythm on further investigation one team member identified the footsteps were in time to the waltz, again no one was on the upper levels so this was not explained.
We also saw a lot of shadows during the night and had heavy metal doors moving, also Jamie and Matt saw a black mass.
During the night, we also tried out a new piece of software which acts in a similar fashion to the Ovilus. The ovilus only has a data base of about 1000 words so any words it comes up with outside of the range on the database can be classed as unexplained, we had several words that were in context with our surroundings that made sense to us at the time, one member of the team was touched on her hair, the word “hair” came up on the iPad. Whilst we were in the wine cellar the words, “drink and slur” came up. We also got the name EDNA, other significant words included, coffin, stigmata, tools threat and dirty, the last two came up when we went into a very dirty room and immediately we felt like we shouldn’t be in there. The software will need more testing but be felt that used properly with a few tweaks it could be of some use.
As you can see we had a very good night at the abbey and have already booked up there again for next year….watch this space

The St Neots Museum is set in the centre of the town in the middle of several pubs and local clubs, we did have a local band playing at one of the pubs so our first job was to make sure we could separate the sounds of the band from any other potential noises we could come across during the night.
Once the equipment was set up the investigation began. We witnessed a few light anomaly’s in the upstairs area by the office whilst watching the CCTV monitors.

We decided to use one of the new software we were testing and had a lot of words coming out that were not relevant to the investigation but we did have some names came out and we were able to get a partial link to names in the museum but nothing concrete.
August - Private Investigation - St Neots Museum - 5th August 2017

Whilst in one of the cells we had a groan and herd talking out in the corridor. We also had some more words put forward about a baby and choking but were unable to find a link.
In the room with the human skeleton we decided to us another type of software that also produces words and use this at the same time as a team member used a pendulum to ask questions. On the software we had the name “Joshua”, we had no link to begin with but as the questions went on we found a clear link, using the pendulum we found out we were not talking to a man but we were talking to a boy, we found a link to Joshua with a person who died in the lake, we found out it was a boy who died in the lake and were given the name “Evan”, Joshua wanted justice for the boy who died and said that the boys grandfather hid him, we then got the word evil from the softwire. He then gave us the word “right”, so a member of the team looked right and saw that one of the exhibits was about a boy called Joshua who used to work in that road between the taverns as a pot boy.
While on a break we became aware that there was a flashing on one of the CCTV monitors, we realized that something had triggered the REM cube off, we went to investigate this but nothing else happened that night.
August - Public Investigation - Elizabethan House Museum - Great Yarmouth - 19th August 2017

Elizabethan House Museum Investigation – 19th August 2017
The Elizabethan house is 5 houses that have been restored and fused together by the removal of the passageways that used to run between the houses, it is set on the Quay across the road from a busy and wide river.
From the time we arrived we knew we were in for a good night, the atmosphere in the house was alive and we were treated to a tour by our host for the night (Stuart) before the investigation started. Even whilst setting up the equipment members of the team heard the sound of children’s voices and at one point a baby crying. We split up into two teams and so began the investigation, as you can see from this report we had a very active night.
Team 1 – Lead by Craig and Notes Taken by Loressa.
The Bedroom
The team began in the Bedroom - Whilst using the thermal imaging camera Craig picked up a metal plate that was showing up on the camera as warm and bright, although when it was touched it was cold to the hand.
One guest (Wendy) said they saw the speaker on top of the drawers move, this was verified by other members of the team.
The REM cube lights were going in time to communicating with the team members.
A load bang was heard by the team and no explanation was found as to where it came from, the team asked if there were three spirits and the lights went off three times to confirm this, the team then asked if they could find the blue colour and the blue light went off.
The team then said they were leaving the room and going to the children’s room and asked if the spirits would like to join them at this point all of the lights went off, the team asked again and the lights went off again whist the blue light stayed on.
The Children’s Room
The Team then went to the children’s room there the children’s voices had been heard earlier but nothing was noted.
The Bedroom
The team returned to the bedroom, at first the team felt that the room had gone flat and there was no energy in the room, the team then asked if there were any children running around and all of the lights started to go off on the REM cube, then the REM cube lights started to go off very fast and then slowly the lights went round, then the noise from the REM cube went off and stopped working, at the same time the lights began to dim and eventually the cube went quite, Craig checked the REM cube for power but the batteries had been completely drained.
The Conspiracy Room
The team then moved to the conspiracy room, Craig put new batteries in the REM cube and the cube then began to work perfectly. One team member felt a breeze on his back, the team then decided to use the spirit box, Craig tried to turn it on but the lights came one but nothing was on the display, a few tapping noises were heard, the second attempt at the sprit box showed that it was now working but after a few seconds the lights went out again, the team then asked “do you like all of the work done on your house” the reply was “I might think so”.
After the break team 1 returned to the conspiracy room. The team decided to do some glasswork and placed the REM cube into a food bowl, at this point the cube went off on its own with no questions being aimed at it.
Whilst in the room the team witnessed various types of anomaly’s including the REM cube going off repeatedly and the K2 meters lighting up to orange and staying there, during the glasswork the glass tried to move but stopped abruptly, some of the guests said they could feel the glass trying to move but it didn’t.
The team moved to the top landing but nothing of any note was found there.
The Corridor
In the corridor leading to the glass door Craig was using a parabolic dish, Craig and Emily saw a figure at the glass door, the figure was small and had a white dress with sort sleeves. Tapping was heard on the glass, Emily asked for the child to play with Loressas hair at this pint Loressa commented on how she liked her hair to be played with and a few seconds after this Loressas hands went cold and Emily felt cold, at this point Emily asked if they could tap on the door so Loressa could hear it and a load tap was heard.
The Team tried a couple of other upstairs rooms but the rooms had gone quiet and they took a break.
Kitchen, parlour and meeting room
After the break the team moved downstairs and things seemed to have gone quiet for the team, they moved into the meeting room and suddenly the REM cube started going off, the lights were flashing in the pattern of SOS, as we were next to a busy river that deals with cargo this could have been relevant to the location, the REM was moved around the room and it seemed to only go off at a certain level in the room, this appeared to be about waist height so it could have been a child.

Team 2 – led by Emma notes by Jade
The Kitchen.
Before the team began the investigation one of the members of public found that whenever she walked into the kitchen she would suddenly feel very hot around her neck like sunburn, she left the kitchen to so what happened and immediately she cooled down, when she walked back into the kitchen she cooled down immediately. One of the team then saw a woman in white and thought it was another team member but when they went to look no one was there, the smell of cigar smoke was also in the kitchen. Various cold and hot spots were felt on peoples bodies, one team member felt hot on her back, another felt a cold spot on the hand.
Cheryl then lay on the table and felt that her head, face and neck was touched by an unseen source, the spirit box said the name “Pat” which was the name of one of the guests in the room with us.
The team then moved to the panelled room, on entering the first thig that was smelt was the smell of smoke, there was nothing in the room or in the house to create this.
Various noises were heard, like knocking and a scratching noise, Joy also had her chair pushed while we were in the room, we them decided to try using the crystal pendulum, after it indication how it would answer, the team asked if the person lived here, the response was NO, then the pendulum went quiet.
The Parlour and the Kitchen
We moved into the parlour and we has some words come through on our spirit box on the phone, one was Morgan and a few word relating to the sea but nothing relevant to the house, Emma felt a touch on her arm and a young girls voice was heard along with some singing and giggling, the team heard a noise in the next room so jade went to investigate, a shadow was seen going up the stairs into the small back room.
Half the team returned to the kitchen and Pat lay on the table, immediately Pat felt something pressing on her chest and found it hard to breathe, she also felt hot, Emma blurted out the word Tuberculosis without any reason, on the phone the word lesions came up immediately after this, the temperature then dropped to the point that all team members were cold and in some cases shivering, the hairs were standing up on everyone back and all felt very strange. It was then discovered that the heater was on full, this in itself was very strange as the heating had been turned off for the summer so no radiators should be one, the other team also confirmed that one of their radiators turned on, yet the rest of the house stayed cold.
Cheryl had felt and heard the name Adam during the night so she asked if there was an Adam there, at this point the phone came up with the words “my son”.
The name David also came up and it was discovered we were next to a pump that was made by David Mason, this name would return to us later.
The Conspiracy Room
Whilst in the conspiracy room the team decided to try out a new method led by Joy called the Human Pendulum.
The first team member managed to contact a man who wouldn’t tell us his name but said he didn’t live here he just visited and that he was in the navy, he said he was a local and indicated that the monarch on the throne was King George the 1st.
The second contact was also a male, his name was Nathanial, he was involved with the conspiracy theory and got caught, his children were with his and the name Chloe came up, he said he lived in one of the houses for a long time and he was on the run for quite a while. These details could be verified with the history book and it was known that a Nathanial used to live in one of the houses and Nathanial’s father name was on the death warrant we found.
The Bedroom
We then ended in the bedroom, whilst in there we saw a feather flouting randomly across the room towards joys, the curtain around the bed was seen moving several times, the bedroom door opened when nobody was there to open it, and it was a heavy oak door so was not known to move in drafts, Jade also saw a mist while we were in the room.
Overall a very good night, we will be returning in the future.

Sandford Mill Report – 30th September 2017

Sandford mill is made up of many large buildings, three of which we had access to, the water tank building is three floors on many different levels, the top floor is to dangerous to access whereas the first floor is filled with huge disused deep water tanks, there was no power in the building so there would be no interference with any of the equipment but at the same time would have made it impossible to use CCTV. The second building was another huge barn sized building where the original Marconi building was rebuilt inside, there was a lot of old radio equipment and several clocks which we had to take into consideration. The third building also contained our restroom which was inside a large ware house that stored some of the new museum pieces including an old tram that was being restored.

The Water Tank Building

The night began in the water tank building, from the beginning load of bangs were heard within the building and no obvious causes could be found, there were many rooms for the team to break off into, some team members went into a small storage room which may have store medical equipment. In this room we picked up the name Hilda on the voice box, she also seemed to like playing with the lights on the EMF meter and teddy and was able to use them to respond to some questions. During this time we also heard voices around different areas of the building.
The second team was using a voice box and they got the words fire and alcohol and it was indicated that 3 people may have died, there were many consistent words that lead to the possibility that the communication was indicating that there may have been a fire that was caused by a drunk or alcohol.

There was no record of any fire in this particular building but there are been other buildings there or nearby before that may have had a fire, there are there no available records to find this out.

The team then decided to take a break which is when the discovery of the “figures” outline was found in one of the pictures, there seems to be a green light in front of the figure and it is surrounded by mist which seems to have faces in it, we do know that there was no one in front of the camera and despite trying to recreate the picture several times through the night we were unable to find any rational explanation for the figure seen in the picture. As for the green light, there was no power in the building and there was no surface reflection, and no other pictures taken at the same time and during the night had the green light in them.

The Building with in the Building (Marconi Hut)

Right from walking through the door there were lots of knocks, some of these could be written off as the clocks and chairs in the building and it was too hard to break one noise from another so we decided to go to the hut and spilt the group into the two rooms. The first group heard some knocks and bangs in the room and heard some voices.
The second group had a lot more activity, there was hair tugging, if people sat in a certain chair in the room they instantly felt sick, some people in the room had to leave because they actually felt so ill, there were feeling of dizziness and at one point Matt and Vicki’s head seemed to disappear into the shadows which was really strange, the feeling of a presence between Cheryl and Matt was also felt, things seemed to calm down after that but there was an overall feeling of unease and general un-wellness which disappeared the moment you left the building.
September - Public - Sandford Mill - Chelmsford - 30th September 2017

The Water Tank Building

Some of the team decided to return to the tank building to see if they could recreate the picture that Cheryl had taken previously.
Even as we entered the building were knew there was a significant change in the overall atmosphere to the building, it was a very heavy feeling, not one that worried us but it was a big change to earlier in the evening, as we walked down the metal walkway a feeling of unrest was building with in the team, we continued to take pictures then came to the bottom of the stairs that led to the tank room, jade started walking upstairs and as she did we heard a bang from the tank room, jade got to the top of the stairs and saw a figure walk across in front of her to the side, at the same time I glanced to my right (I was at the bottom of the stairs) and saw another figure walk across the corridor in another area of the building, the three remaining teams members were in plain sight so we know it wasn’t them, whilst we were working out what to do next the atmosphere changed again and it became very dark, at this point we decided to leave the building, one to calm ourselves and two to get the rest of the team.

Once we had calmed down the whole team decided to return to the building, the atmosphere was still bad so we agreed to stay in small groups, the dark feeling seemed to cause an irrational fear in the group and no one was feeling very happy to be in there, despite there being windows and a full moon it seemed to get very dark and some of the group wanted to leave instantly, there were also moans and some of the team saw more shadow figures so a small group remained for a short while and heard more banging and voices, we then decide it would be a good time to take a break.

Whilst on a break the team decided to try table tipping in the water building, not much response came from the table but the room went very cold and one team member felt her hair being pulled, again the unpleasant feeling was there and the team decided that as we were running out of time at the venue it might be a good time to leave with the view to return, keep an eye on the shop page as this one is not to be missed.

Team Testimonials

Jade and Sammie

We felt that we were in someone's space and they were doing anything they could to get us to leave because and I (Jade) walked Sammie out of the building I felt normal not the adrenaline surge I had inside the building it's like they were fed up with us being there.

Matt V.

So upstairs in the abandoned block to start with we were getting a lot of generated words all on topics and some seemed to be as direct answers to our questions ,also we were in the upstairs office room the one with the sink on the floor in the middle and I felt my left shoulder being poked it was just once and it was like a single finger poke followed by shuffling up the stairs in the corner coming up from the dead rabbit room, we then went down the main steps and while we were walking down we got " be wary " come up on the app followed shortly after by " go" to which we decided to get out.
While walking down the small corridor to get out there was a loud bang very close behind me and Jamie that sounded like a stone hitting the metal walk way which I think Jamie also heard? I turned to have a quick look but couldn't see anything but at this point I wasn't going to stay to long, nothing of note happened to me the second time we went in apart from "medicine" coming up on the app in the small office with the first aid poster .
The third time after I set the table up in the first room I got the strong feeling that I shouldn't be there anymore but to be fair I had worked myself up a little bit by then.
In the actual museum in the radio hut a lot of the team started feeling sick at different occasions and I came across dizzy , apparently my head kept disappearing as well, at one point me and Cheryl were standing in the corner and we both felt something standing in between us and we both felt it went cold Vikki took a temperature reading and it was a good 3 to 4 degrees difference , it was an amazing night and I know a lot of people felt other things too I'd love to go back that's the first time for me that I've experienced a lot of things that I couldn't rationalise in my head


Before we left when we were told to go, something pulled on the back of my fleece I was wearing, I turned to Cheryl and Vikki and asked if they pulled my fleece, they did not and the boys were in front of us!
Also I heard the stone hitting the walk way as we were in font of the boys.
Also reluctant as I was to go back second time, when we were table tipping I was really cold and something was playing with my hair!
I have never experienced anything before!

October - Private Investigation - The Spirit House, Evesham - 28th October 2017

The Spirit House Evesham Report – 28th October 2017
The spirit house is a very small venue consisting of three rooms, a cellar and a small cupboard leading to the nursery stairs, the spirit house itself is a shop that sells all thing spiritual and more. The original house has been split up into the spirit house section, the nail bar next door and there also two flats upstairs, its only recently that the owners have managed to buy back the nail bar meaning that they now own the whole house. As this property was once all one house it makes sense that all of the areas have reported strange actively that cannot be explained. The spirit house themselves supply many different types of investigation materials like Ouija broads and other materials for guests to use, although our team does not use Luisa boards.
Even before the investigation began a strange presence was felt in the cellar, the feelings of claustrophobia and spider weds across the face, which are a known phenomenon were felt across people’s faces right from the moment the cellar was entered and was felt by several people individually visiting the area during the night.
Main Room
The night started with the whole team around the large table in the main room, this table was very heavy and nearly unmovable and took several people to lift it. I feel it’s important to mention this now as the table becomes the main feature later in the night.
We began by calling out and using the spirit box whilst trying to build up the energy field in the room, this was taking a while when suddenly Lisa started laughing uncontrollably, anyone that knows Lisa will know that this is most unlike her and normally she is the most controlled one in the team, despite trying to pull herself together several times she became almost hysterical, this of course had an effect on the rest of the team who all started laughing as well. Lisa decided at this point is was best if she left the room and in the immediate moment that she did she stopped laughing, meanwhile Emma was still laughing and had to leave the room as well, she also stopped laughing when she left the room. When Emma returned to the room the calling out began again and Emma felt someone tickling her side, this went on for about 3 minutes even though there was no one there, at the same time, Vikki felt someone brush her breast with their hand. We also had the K2S in a pulse pattern but we later discovered this was because of the fire alarm sensor so was disproved. At this point the group decided to take a break.
After the break the groups then spilt up, the boys went up to the main room again and the girls went down to the cellar with the doctor’s bag that was found in the attic of the building, they believe this bag may have belonged to the doctor who had a surgery in the building many years before although they can’t confirm the bag was his it does seem to be an amazing coincidence. Emma decided to place the bag on the table in the room and asked Vikki to place her hand on it, no one in the cellar was aware of the significance of the bag or of the history of the doctor in the house. For a while everything was very quiet in the room and then Cheryl suddenly said “were there abortions performed in this room?” As there was a rumour that the doctor that used to live at the spirit house did indeed perform illegal abortions there we felt this was significant. While we were in the cellar we could hear heavy furniture being moved around constantly while we were in the cellar, when we checked with the boys and they were all sitting still and apart from moving their chairs briefly as they sat down no furniture had been moved and the other rooms were empty so this remained unexplained. Whilst the girls were in the cellar both Lisa and Emma felt a cramping in their stomachs like labour or period pains, but as soon as they left the cellar these cramps stopped immediately.
Before we left the cellar, Lisa started laughing uncontrollably again and needed to leave the room, we also felt the cobweb sensation again even though there were clearly no cobwebs down there.
At this point we decided to take another break, on reflection this was a good idea as with the activity that followed we needed all the strength we had.
After the break we split into two teams again, the guys went down to the cellar and the girls into the main room, first we will look at the guys account form the cellar.
Craigs Group – by Craig Jones.
Myself and both Matts were down in the basement.
We have the spirit box going and at first we have a voice come through that sounded quite dark and sounded like it was all backwards and mixed words. We were sitting in a circle and I was sitting near the back wall with Matt P on my left and Matt V on my right. I went really cold and said I've gone really cold. Matt P was sitting with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and saw a dark figure in the shape of a person right next to me which made him jump. He said it was only there for a split second but it was a shock as he was not expecting it. There was a few more voices that came through the spirit box which sounded like a woman but it was hard to hear what she was saying as it wasn't very clear. Also it was speaking over me every time I spoke.
There was a mirror on my left hand side. Matt V then asked me to move back and forth as he could see a dark figure in the mirror and thought it may have been my shadow. I moved and it didn't move, both Matts then moved to see if it was them, it wasn't. He could clearly see a dark figure standing next to me, it was there for a couple of minutes. He turned his torch on to have a look and couldn't see anything. He then turned the torch off and the figure had gone!
Then as I was sitting there facing toward the stairs in the corner of my eye I kept seeing what likes like a small figure moving by the bottom of the stairs. But as I looked full on I couldn't see anything. It happened a couple of times and I thought it may just me my eyes playing tricks. Then it happened again and me and Matt P said at the same time that we see the figure just move across the bottom of the stairs and both said we have seen this a couple of times. So we were both seeing the same figure. It looked small like a child and looked like it was wearing white. A few more voices come through but was once again unclear on what it was saying. After this the voices stopped and the room just felt warmer and lighter like whatever was down there with us had gone and we returned to the shop for a break.

The Main Room

At this point I will give you as close to the bare facts as possible, and let you use your imagination for the rest, anyone who is easily offended by even suggestion might want to stop reading here.
The girls began in the main room by trying out an automatic planchette writer, this was not a method we had used before and it took us a while to build up the energy to move it. The pen started to move very slowly in jerking movements, after awhile the pen attempted to draw a picture but the picture was unclear and we decided to move back to glasswork which we are more familiar with.
We did know that there is supposed to be a spirit who could be a bit naughty and likes to take a fancy to both men and women, we had also been told that in the past some women had removed their bras from under their jumpers and placed them on the table to encourage more activity, we weren’t sure any of us wanted to go that far but decided to use it as a temptation to build up the energy in the room.
While using the glass we were able to ask questions and gain responses, we asked if the spirit liked anyone in the room and the glass immediately moved toward Vikky, at this point we noticed that the R.E.M. pod was interacting with us at the same time as the glass and it was indicating in time with the glass, we reset the R.E.M. Pod in case it was an error but it continued to work with the glasswork. The R.E.M. Pod was using two flashes for yes, one for no. We then asked if the spirit wanted anyone to remove their bra, and again the glass moved towards Vikki, although she didn’t she then used this as temptation to get more interaction, all the time this was going on the banging and movement of the table became very insistent and this was also joined with a chair being banged continually.
At this point the investigation in the cellar became louder and there was a lot of shouting, we asked the spirit to make Matt P shut up, when we asked this the boys went silent and came upstairs, it may have been a coincidence but it did shock us none the less. Craig then walked into the room with us and immediately he did all of the activity stopped and we asked him to leave, when he did it all started again.
We then decided to try table tipping, with the offer of a bra the spirit began tipping the table and then we asked for the table to lift, at first it was hard to detect but it soon became obvious that one side of the table was lifting off the floor, and continued lifting until we asked it to stop, the table then dropped back to the floor, this occurred twice more when we asked and at one point it hovered two inches above the ground and then dropped back down. All the while this was happening the R.E.M. Pod was still going off in yes, no answers, the table was still being banged underneath and the chair was being tapped. The table also moved round under our fingers we could feel it sliding under our hands, this was also done on command.
Vikki then decided to remove her bra from under her jumper and put it on the table. At this point the table began to rock steadily and continually, this continued to get faster and more aggressive until it suddenly shoved itself across the floor. The table then stopped still and then started again with the same end result. We then tapped out a tune on the table and we were rewarded with the correct continuation of the tune on the R.E.M. Pod and tapping on the table. We then heard the man in the flat upstairs get in his shower, we mentioned this out loud to make sure that the external noise was recorded and the table started rocking again ending with another shove across the floor. We then asked if the boys could join us and we received a positive response, so we invited them in.
When they came in the room they were then entertained twice by the same rocking and shoving of the table, they also were able to hear us getting responses to tapping out tunes on the table.
All the while this was going on we were constantly checking under the table and around the room to make sure that there was a reasonable explanation to the activity but we found nothing, we tried again to lift the table and move it but it was heavy and resistant to movement, we have no explanation, sadly we ran out of time at that point but will be booking a return soon.

Until the 17th century Fenland was mostly a vast marshy swamp with some islands of higher ground - such as the Isle of Ely. In 1630 the Earl of Bedford employed the Dutch engineer Vermuyden to drain the southern Fenland in order to create land for agriculture. The drained soil then exposed to the air was mostly composed of peat which began to shrink and waste, and the ground level fell. Over the years it became necessary to pump rainwater from the fields up into the rivers which had remained at the pre-drainage levels.

November - Private Investigation - Stretham Steam Museum - 11th November 2017

At first, windmills driving large scoop wheels were used which pushed and lifted up the low-lying water. As land levels shrank further and further even the windmills could not deal with the height of lift required (in places the fen is now some 6 metres below river level). Fortunately the invention of the powerful steam engine arrived in the nick of time. The Old Engine at Stretham was one of over one hundred steam pumping engines installed throughout the Fens and which replaced some 800 windmills in the 1800's. In times of heavy rains and danger of floods, farmers were reassured to see smoke belching from its tall brick chimney and so to know that the Old Engine was at work in its slow but effective fashion, lifting the waters.

The Old Engine was installed in 1831 and laboured successfully until 1925, and was used as a stand-by until 1941. It was then superseded by a more convenient and efficient diesel engine connected to a centrifugal pump. In 1945 the diesel engine was itself superseded by another pumping station, now electrically powered, located some one and a half miles to the southeast on the bank of the River Cam.
November - Public Investigation - 25th November 2017 - The Priory House, Dunstable

The building was extended at the back from around 1670 onwards and had renovations which left the building with a distinctive Georgian facade replacing the original front wall and is now the heritage centre for the town which has exhibition galleries housing information relating to Dunstable’s history and heritage.

Excerpt taken from a writing by Helen Walker-Sygrove

The original part of the building dates back to the early 1200’s possibly built with money from a Derbyshire benefactor to add to the number of hostelries in Dunstable to cope with visitors to the Priory. The design follows traditional hall and cellar buildings with a magnificent example of a groyne vaulted ceiling in the Undercroft.