Investigations – 2019

Here you will find the details of team investigations from 2019 and the findings from them

Click the links or pictures to find the information and pictures from each investigation

The Grand Pavilion, Matlock Bath
2nd February 2019
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Rougham Control Tower
2nd March 2019
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Old Nick Theatre, Gainsborough
27th April 2019
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Fort Amherst, Kent
May 11th 2019
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Moira Furnace Museum, Leicestershire
22nd June 2019
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Landguard Fort, Felixstowe
20th July 2019
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Armley Mills, Leeds
August 31st 2019
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Harwich Redoubt Fort
28th September 2019
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Date October

Team Only Event
The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales
23rd November 2019
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