Stretham Engine Museum (14th May 2018)

To Whom it might concern

I am a trustee of the Stretham Engine Trust which cares for the Stretham Old Engine. The Cambridge Ghost Hunters have been carrying out night time investigations at our Site for some years now and  no problems have been encountered with their use of our buildings.

They are a responsible Group of individuals who have respected the buildings and its contents and have caused no damage whatsoever. Our Site is located next to residential buildings and the residents have not been disturbed at all by their presence or by any noise when they vacate the buildings at the end of their investigations.

I have no hesitation therefore in recommending the Group as responsible and caring individuals in the activities they persue.

Malcolm R Hensby


The Stretham Engine Trust

(Contact Details available on request for reference purposes only, this location is exclusive to the Cambridge Ghost Hunters for the time being)

Epping Forest Museum (28th April 2018)

Having had the Cambridge Ghosthunters at the Museum for one event we would be happy to welcome them back for a future booking.

If any prospective venues would like to speak to us then we would be happy to email them.

Francesca Pellegrino

Epping Forest Museum

(Contact Details available on request)