Any feedback that the team receive from guests will be posted on here. Come along to one of our public Investigations, You will not be disappointed.


Village Church Farm in Skegness, 25th July 2015

  • We loved having your group and it is the first time ever our volunteers have not been at the side of a group for the entire evening.  So a huge trust factor on your group’s conduct which was recognised mid-evening with their obvious respect of our little piece of heaven mid Skegness. Thank you for booking our venue on behalf of the team. Kind regards, Sue
  • Amanda Jane Bowman, Cant wait for the next one it was fab thank you for a great night, please message me when u know a date of your next one x

Hack Green, 16th April 2016

  • Sam woolls – Me and Kerrie had a great time tonight. Thanks to all the team for putting up with us. You all made us so welcome. Next time we will book a hotel so we can stay till the end. Xxx
  • April Mansfield – had an amazing night, I was scared at first but was fine throughout the evening. The team were great and very friendly. It was a long way to travel but I would like to come to another one closer to home.

Stretham Museum on 9th January 2016, Tracey Budden and Wendy Regan

  • Hi, I would like to thank the team for a great night on Saturday, Wendy and I really enjoyed having the chance to join you on your investigation – it was lovely to meet you all. We were very impressed at all the voices heard, equipment responding to questions etc, table moving, and I think with a smooth/clean table the glass work would have been more successful – ‘they’ were trying. It was very worrying when Calvin collapsed, hope he’s OK and is not put off attending future investigations with you. Thanks Again, Tracey