Sandford Mill, Chelmsford – Live Broadcast – 30.09.2017


30 East Drive – In the Coal Shed – 25.06.2016

30 East Drive – Spirit Box Session – 25.06.2016

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker –  16.04.2016

This video footage was captured on a thermal imagine camera at hack green secret nuclear bunker on our first public event. It appears to be a figure moving side by side in front of the TV in the theatre room when there was no one there, right before the camera shut off!

Harwich Fort – Torches – 17.10.15

In this video you will see some of the team members trying to do glass work which was unsuccessful. But then one of the teams torch started to go on and off by itself. It was then going on and off on demand. It then stared effecting a different torch causing it to flash!